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Task Force Charges

Project SimpLR Task Force Charges, August 2, 2006

Task force 1: Metalib/X-server | Task force 2: Metadata Aggregtor

1) Task Force: Metalib/X-server project planning

Develop functional requirements for Metalib + X-Server in a targeted, specific context, in order to allow for cross-search of specific appropriate small sets of our licensed resources.

This includes:

  • Specify how the resources to be cross-searched will be selected
    and maintained, including relevant policies regarding who selects, by what criteria, and with what review process.
  • Show some examples of kinds and number of resources to be cross-searched, such as no more than 10 targets in a single search to be adjusted based on scale testing and depending on the limits of the metasearch product.
  • Plan where in the user interface to link to or integrate search and results pages (for example from particular subject results in current Vera or a future Metadata Aggregator, or in a particular librarian created course page, or in Sloanspace or other portal).
  • Determine what connection Metalib will have with Verde/Vera, SFX or other sources of data. (imports, exports and so on)

    - Nicole Hennig, chair
    - Darcy Duke
    - Maggie Bartley
    - Rich Wenger

Deliver to MacKenzie Smith and Steve Gass by Dec. 13, 2006.
Timeline extended to April 1, 2007.


2) Task Force: Metadata Aggregator Requirements

Develop high-level functional requirements for acquiring a Metadata Aggregator with faceted browsing (and also possibly trusted network features, such as user contributed reviews and/or user tagging) in order to bring together metadata from what are currently separate systems: Barton, Vera, and DSpace to start, with the possibility for other systems to be included in the future, such as Image Collections, GIS and VDC records, public web site pages and other future metadata repositories.

1) Create a list of high-level functional requirements (based on our user needs research). These should minimally include:

  • the list of candidate metadata sources (e.g. Barton, Vera, DSpace, GIS, VDC, IRIS, archival findings aids, or any other metadata catalog or database in use by the libraries)
  • the list of source metadata schemas (e.g. MARC, qualified DC, FGCD, DDI, VRA, EAD, or custom schemas, such as Vera’s)
  • recommendations regarding metadata unification or normalization in the tool for ingest, faceting, indexing, and display
  • what facets will be initially generated, and whether they must be the same for all metadata sources in the tool
  • any search requirements beyond keyword search of all metadata (e.g. any fielded searching by facet or other index)
  • any additional features of the tool or interface, such as user tagging, rating, reviews or other annotation (with or without attribution)

2) Identify candidate products available in the current marketplace and select three for detailed review.

3) Develop and implement a product review process to be approved by the project’s steering committee for the three candidate products.

- Tracy Gabridge
- Ellen Duranceau
- Nicole Hennig
- William Reilly
- Beth Brennan

Deliver to MacKenzie Smith and Steve Gass by December 11, 2006.

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