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New Employee Orientation Program Checklist

Part I: Prior to first day | Part II: First Day | Part III: First Week |
Part IV: Second Week | Part V: Third Week | Part VI: Five Months

Part I: Prior to first day

A. Administrative Services

_____ 1. Prepare letter of welcome and orientation packet and sent to supervisor with checklist.

_____ 2. Establish personnel file, containing:

• resume/application
• related appointment papers
• copy of job description

_____ 3. Notify all appropriate persons of beginning date.

B. Supervisor or Designate(s)

_____ 1. Develop training program plan and assemble materials, including checklist and calendar.

_____ 2. Assign orientation responsibilities to other staff members if appropriate.

_____ 3. Have LTE prepare employee’s PC. Remove old material, update software, return to standard configuration.

_____ 4. Arrange for Athena account. (See enclosed procedures.)

_____ 5. Have key form prepared. (14S-318)

_____ 6. Check necessary supplies/equipment and order if needed.

_____ 7. Schedule employee for next "Orientation to Computing at MIT" session. (See IS Calendar)

_____ 8. Schedule employee for next "Introduction to Technology" workshop with Systems Office.

_____ 9. Make arrangements for training with other units, if necessary.

Part II: First Day

A. Supervisor or Designate(s)

_____ 1. Introduce to department head or divisional librarian.

_____ 2. Introduce to staff in immediate work area and local technology expert (LTE) for the department.

_____ 3. Give employee orientation package and explain contents.

_____ 4. Discuss basic rules and regulations, including:

• hours of work
• types of leave
• procedure for calling in
• when and how to get pay check
• location of Personnel Policy Manual
• safety and security procedures
• other pertinent policies (e.g., use of telephone for personal calls)
• answer other questions

_____ 5. Have employee register for an Athena account.

_____ 6. Have employee send user name to Systems for MIT Libraries Domain Account.

_____ 7. Fill out web form for new employee’s Barton account.

_____ 8. Introduce to staff members who will give tour of the facilities or give tour, including:

• major entrances and exits
• restrooms
• vending machines
• staff lounge
• eating facilities
• cashier’s office
• medical department

_____ 9. The Personnel Office will contact ALL new hires regarding Tax Forms, MIT ID, Benefits package and meeting.

_____ 10. Discuss with employee the work of the unit in which he/she will be working, how his/her position fits into it, relationships with other personnel of the unit, the reporting structure, etc.

_____ 11. Give employee a copy of the job description or vacancy announcement and begin to discuss the position itself, how it operates, specific duties, procedures to be followed (including printed guides and handbooks), tools to be used, etc.)

_____ 12. Make an appointment for the employee to see the department head or divisional librarian.

Part III: First Week

A. Supervisor or Designate(s)

_____ 1. Continue to work with employee describing his/her duties and seeking and answering questions.

_____ 2. Introduce to others in the department or work area explaining what each person does and how it relates to the new employee.

_____ 3. When employee receives MIT ID:

• complete key form and return to 14S-318
• apply for parking or t-pass (14S-322)

Part IV: Second Week

A. Supervisor or Designate(s)

_____ 1. Discuss needs for additional training and make necessary arrangements or plans.

_____ 2. Continue discussions of the duties and begin to discuss standards and other criteria for performance evaluations.

_____ 3. Introduce to those persons in other library departments with whom the employee will have contact.

_____ 4. Make appointment for employee to see the appropriate Associate/Assistant Director during the third week.

B. Department Head or Divisional Librarian.

_____ 1. Discuss orientation of department, its purpose, major goals or plans for the future, especially those which affect the employee.

Part V: Third Week

A. Associate/Assistant Director (whichever appropriate)

_____ 1. Discuss overall organization of Public Services, Technical Services or Systems goals or plans for the future as they may affect the employee.

B. Administrative Officer

_____ 1. Contact employee after the second week to set up an appointment with the Administrative Officer.

_____ 2. Discuss conditions of employment.

_____ 3. Explain use of Personnel Policy Manual.

_____ 4. Answer questions related to benefits.

_____ 5. Explain role of administrative staff.

_____6. Explain probationary period.

_____7. Introduce to administrative staff.

_____ 8. Get feedback on orientation program.

C. Supervisor or Designate(s) (Third week and continue)

_____ 1. Continue to meet regularly with the employee to train, monitor, and provide feedback to the employee on progress.

Part VI: Five Months

A. Supervisor

_____ 1. Conduct formal review of performance, perceptions, problems, priorities, and setting goals for the future.

_____ 2. Forward review and checklist to Administrative Officer via department head or divisional librarian.