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On October 21, 2008, the MIT Libraries welcomed thirty-one new or soon-to-be librarians to campus as part of the Harvard-MIT jointly-hosted program, “An Exploration in Academic Research Libraries in Cambridge”. The program provided guests from the ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce and the ALA Spectrum Scholar program with a glimpse into the everyday work of academic librarians and the exciting initiatives and opportunities that exist for them in serving dynamic teaching and research communities like MIT. This site provides information about the program – schedule, content and participant contact information – as well as links to various resources.

This program was the first of its kind and MIT staff would like to thank this impressive group for the level of interest, engagement, and enthusiasm that they brought to the program. As a result of our time together, we came away with a renewed sense of excitement about what we do and about the future of the profession.

MIT Staff Participant List

Scholar Guest List (PDF)

Program Tracks (PDF)
1. Track1 - Outreach, Collaboration and instruction
1.1 Puzzles, Books and Games (PowerPoint)
1.2 NIH Author Study & Scholarly Communication (PowerPoint)

2. Track2
- Collections
2.1 Preservation Services (PowerPoint)
2.2 Digital Collections (PowerPoint)

3. Track3 - Technology in Libraries
3.1 Data Services (PowerPoint)
3.2 MIT Libraries Betas (wiki webpage)

Program Schedule (PDF)


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